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Ruben Alvarez Branding

Create a magnetic brand with proven principles. The main point of a brand is to have others come to you. You are the business. Make your brand stand out from the rest. Unrivaled and notoriously known. 

Ruben Alvarez Podcast InForTheKill

#INFORTHEKILL podcast is for those who want more. The ambituos. The select few modern day hunters. Ruben Alvarez brings on select guests he belives can help you in your buisness journey. 

Ruben Alvarez Youtube

Electronics reviews and unboxings. A side project that was originally for fun that turned into a channel that has gained many subscriers over the past few years. 

Ruben Alvarez Marketing

The Marketing Hunters is a top rated marketing agency that Ruben and his Wife, Carolina own. Based out of Phoenix, AZ. 

Ruben Alvarez About

 Learn more about Ruben and see

his bio here. 

Ruben Alvarez Entreprenuer

Ruben Alvarez has become the go-to expert for creating a brand. 

His main message is:
"Sales will bring you money, but the brand will bring you a legacy."

When you create a brand, you give yourself freedom. You no longer need to worry about losing customers, pricing discounts and other minimal issues. 

The brand is not for you. It is for your business, your customers and your employees. They need to see you win. 

A well put together brand will tell your story without you ever opening your mouth to speak. Customers will repeat the story for you and explain to others who you are and what you stand for. 

A business that cannot replicate the sales it did last month without sales people is doomed. 

The more time and energy you invest into promoting yourself, the faster a business will grow. The everyday consider prefers to know a person's backstory and reasons for building a business. When you run an ad, there is only a product to judge. 

When you promote the person, there is so much more to relate with other than a feature. That is where the true sales making machine is. 

It is in the brand. It is in the person who is able to relate to others. Show the human side to your business. The old days are gone. The new days of marketing and brand are upon us. 

Brand is your all. 

On Air Sign

#INFORTHEKILL is a podcast for those who are looking to make more income or start a business. The modern day hunters with an entrepreneur mindset. 

Ruben Alvarez brings on guest to his show who have beat the typical 9 to 5, either earning more than 6 figures in a job or creating wealth through their business. 

The people who come on the show bring their vast knowledge and experience to show those who are listening how they can do it as well. For all those who are ambitious enough to want more and go out and get it, this is the show for you. 

  • Ruben Alvarez Facebook
  • Ruben Alvarez YouTube
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#INFORTHEKILL Podcast with host Ruben Alvarez was created for the ambitious people, those who refuse to quit.

The modern day hunters.

There is a tribe of people who do not accept their circumstances, who are crazy enough to ask for more and get it. In this show, we interview top entrepreneurs, those who are making six to seven figures yearly. 

You can tune in and listen on all major platforms: Apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcast, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Amazon Alexa, PlayerFm and many more. See what others are saying by checking out the reviews left by listeners of the show on the Apple podcast app.

If they can do it, you can too. Tune in and see how these business men and women did it, so you can too.


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